The Science of the Hybrid Flower

A hybrid flower is produced when two flowers of distinct species are mated through human manipulation. When creating hybrid flowers, flower growers select the finest flowers and pollinate them manually to produce of... continue reading

Flower Masterpieces: Creating the Perfect Arrangement

When you see a floral arrangement, are you ever jealous of how they are put ... continue reading

Growing Flowers and Plants: Safety Tips for the Active Gardner

Gardening is a favorite pastime of many people, particularly during the spring and fall months. It can create beautiful la... continue reading

Careers and Celebrations in Botany

Although the study of plant matter is fascinating, it can be hard to earn a living after obtaining a degree in Botany. Listed below are some areas of work available for plant enthusiast... continue reading

Rare and Exotic Beauties

With their unique coloration’s and odd characteristics, these flowering plants prove the age-old-adage that beauty is not only skin deep. ... continue reading

Learn the Parts of a Flower

Most flowers are appreciated for their beauty and fragrance. However, if an observer goes on to examine a flower, he or she will find that it is made up of many different parts. Furthermore, each part has a purpose that... continue reading

What You May Not Know About the Rose

Every Valentine’s Day well over 100 million roses are sold, without a doubt emphasizing the overwhelming popularity of th... continue reading

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